• 1. How many Magazines are delivered? We deliver 3600 copies of the Barton Bugle, 4100 of the New Milton Mail and 4600 of the Highcliffe Herald each month. Over 95% of the magazines are put through letter boxes. Advertising in all 3 magazines will reach around 25000 residents!
  • 2. How do I know which size advert is right for my business? We can help you with this:
    A Quarter Page Ad is suitable for a smaller business that just wants enough business to tick over. i.e. A local ‘One Man Band’ Tradesman.
    A Half Page Ad is best for a small business that wants very good exposure in the area and a high response rate.
    A Full Page Ad is great for a medium business wanting high exposure.
    Premium Pages (Back, Inside Front & Back , Page 3, 5 and Centre Pages) are for Businesses wanting maximum exposure with excellent brand recognition.
  • 3. How much does it cost? Full rates are available on the advertise page.
  • 4. Who creates the Advert design? Adverts can be created free of charge for you for any order of 6 months and above - Just email your wording and any logos or pictures and we will do the rest. However, if you are a whizz on the computer and you fancy having a go yourself that’s no problem. We will provide information on the size and requirements. Alternatively a professionally made advert can be ordered via Absolute Graphics at preferential rates.
    We will e-mail your advert to you for approval prior to being published.
  • 5. Do I see a copy of my Advert before it goes to print? Yes, if you provide your mail address we will send it to you for approval.
  • 6. Will I get a copy of the magazine once it is printed? Yes, we send a copy of a magazine to each of our Advertisers every month.
  • 7. How do I pay?You may pay either by Cheque, Bacs, or Standing Order.

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