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Since he was a puppy we have featured our dog Bugle every month in the magazines. The articles are entitled "It's a Dog's Life" and the response to them has been truly amazing.

He is recognised pretty much everywhere we go and usually addressed by name – even in areas where the magazines are not delivered!

Fortunately he has given Sally and I plenty of material for his columns which have been running for well over 3 years now. Whilst Bugle looks angelic don't be deceived as he can be as mischievous as the best of them!

His exploits are enjoyed by a great many of the readers of the magazines and so it only seemed right that he has his own page.

Below is a gallery of photographs that show his development from a puppy and some videos that show Bugle in action.

Bugle TV

Ice cream time

Swimming Lesson

Sprint Training

Playing in the snow

Saving a tennis ball

Bugle Gallery

It's a Dog's life – The Life and Times of Bugle

Finally reproduced are some of the articles from past editions of the magazines. Enjoy!

Bugle's Bath
Every 3 months or so we take our furry friend to Sue at K9 Klippers to get him washed and groomed. He has been going to see Sue since he was a puppy so is well used to the routine... Read The Article
A Soggy Walk
One of our favourite outings involves driving out to Hengistbury Head, parking the car and walking out to Mudeford sandbanks for breakfast. We usually walk over the top via the head on the way out and then along the bottom path on the way back. Read The Article
Working Dog
When I first started out in Estate Agency some 30 years ago, it was quite common for the surveyors and partners to take their dogs to work – in fact within the last decade it was not unusual for there to be more dogs than partners in the board room of a certain well known company! Read The Article
Fox Patrol
Fox hunting has been banned for several years, but this was not something that we could ever make our old dog, Sam, understand. A fox barking was enough to send him into a frenzy and many a time he would climb over the mesh fencing... Read The Article
Bugle goes on holiday
At Milton K9 services we welcome dogs from the very small to the very large and Bugle is defiantly one of the latter, it’s a standing joke with our boys that when he lies down it is like manoeuvring around a mini roundabout! Read The Article
Bugle leads the parade
When Gary first mentioned that Bugle had been asked to lead the parade at the New Milton Christmas Festival, I did not take too much notice because I assumed that he would be on the other end of the lead!... Read The Article
Bernese Covention
Bernese Mountain dogs are not that common and as with any small specialist group the local Bernese Mountain dog owners tend to know each other. Read The Article
Adventures with Bugle
When I set up my pet care business in 2012 I got in touch with Gary to enquire about advertising in his magazines. We have always enjoyed browsing through the magazines and they are obviously very dog friendly... Read The Article
Photo Shoot
Bugle has become quite famous locally. Wherever Sally and I take him he is recognized. Even when we pop down to Lymington and walk down the high street with him, people stop us and ask “Is that Bugle?”... Read The Article